Knox County Goes Native Initiative

The mission of the Knox County Goes Native Initiative (KCGN) is to encourage the creation of native plant habitat in private and public lands through education, assistance, and inspiration; and to initiate and build connections with nature through positive changes in land use and an appreciation of the natural world.

We plan to accomplish this by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Increasing the use of native plants so that Knox County contributes to the concept of native plant corridors.
  • Educating the public on the natural environment and local ecosystems
  • Working directly with the Knox County CISMA to remove invasive species from the local ecosystem.
  • Encouraging other actionable steps to help wildlife.
  • Developing a program of recognition for efforts made by residents, businesses, and public entities.

Partners involved in this project include the Knox County CISMA, Knox County SWCD, and George Rogers Clark HNP.

To apply to be part of the initiative, follow this link:

Use this donate button to pay for Knox County Goes Native signs ($8) or t-shirts ($14) ordered through the KCGN application:

KCGN Resources

  • Knox County Goes Native Program Guide – pdf
  • Knox County Goes Native Program Checklist – pdf
  • Knox County Goes Native Application (print form)* – pdf
  • Plant Inventory Template – excel file, pdf

*If applying using the print form instead of the online form, be sure to include copies of the attachments and photos and mail to 604 S. Quail Run Rd., Vincennes, IN, ATTN: Will Drews. If you would like any of the initiative program materials, you can also include a check with the exact amount made out to Knox County CISMA with your application materials.

A Monarch butterfly visiting a Butterflyweed plant at the Cathlinette Prairie Garden.

Knox County Goes Native Map