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Knox County SWCD Staff. Second row from left to right: Jeff Coats, Tom Held (NRCS), Will Drews, Troy Hinkle, Charlie Ring. First row from left to right: Joellen Witt, Tracey Johnson, Shalyn Sargeant, and Clevie Bennett.

Knox County SWCD 

604 S Quail Run Rd                             

Vincennes, IN 47591                                            

812-882-8210 Ext 3

Knox County SWCD Staff

Clevie Bennett, District Technician                    Ext 3403                     

Will Drews, Natural Resource Specialist           Ext 3408                  

Tracey Johnson, Administrative Assistant        Ext 3401                    

Charlie Ring, Chief Executive Officer                 Ext 3406                     

Shalyn Sargeant, District Programs Admin      Ext 3404                    


Part Time Staff

Jeff Coats, Program Manager                              Ext 3414 

Troy Hinkle, Development Director                    Ext 3405                             

Joellen Witt, Office Assistant



Tom Held, District Conservationist                    Ext 3402                    


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